ACE OF Brussels School

Inclusive offering a variety of inclusive support programs 

Inclusive School Programs

ACE Rising- Ages 3-11

ACE Plus- Ages 11-18

ACE Connect- Intensive learning for 3-12 years old

About ACE of Brussels School


Ace’s curriculum is designed to meet the needs of all learners through differentiated teaching methods as well as individual and small group support.  Ace’s facilities are designed to allow our students to learn in the ways that suit them best.  They use a wide variety of teaching methods to ensure that all our students are engaged and supported in their learning.  The Gifted and Growing programme helps to support children who need additional stretching and support.


The learning support team includes professionals in the field of speech and language therapy and physical/occupational therapy.*  A comprehensive profile of each child’s learning needs is compiled when your child joins the school or as soon as a child is seen to be requiring additional stretching and support.  The team then meets regularly to assess and monitor each child’s progress.  Regular communication between parents and everyone responsible for supporting your child ensures a cohesive plan is followed and that parents and your child are aware of their progress.

In order to provide your child with the best possible support at school it is essential that we have access to all your documentation .  This will allow ACE to ensure that they can give you and your child the most appropriate support and advice available.


*Individual sessions can be scheduled to take place at school.  Please contact the ACE of Brussels for more information.